SPEAKING UP FOR PATIENT SAFETY: World Health Organization Patient Safety Day and Vaccines

By an ironic twist of fate this text [1] is published on 17 September 2019 which is World Health Organization Patient Safety Day in which we are instructed that ” No one have to be harmed in healthcare” and residents of the world are enjoined to “Speak up for patient protection!” [2]. This is some thing I had been doing for two a long time, but those who speak up over vaccine protection are relentlessly met with hostility or even persecution with the aid of the WHO, the mainstream media and the governments of the arena – appreciably the British government, its politicians and its officers. While the proof base for vaccine protection is tremendously tricky [3,4] there also can be no presumption that the folks that communicate up every day and in huge numbers on social media aren’t telling the truth.

In all opportunity tens of thousands and thousands of vaccine products are presently administered inside the UK every yr, but to the satisfactory of my information now not a unmarried instance of damage has ever been spontaneously mentioned by means of the National Health Service or the British authorities. This is neither credible or conscionable.

It is World Health Organization Patient Safety Day and I am speakme up for affected person safety. When people talk up for patient protection over vaccines as with anything else they actually deserve recognize. There is no distinction: why need to there be?
What’s the remedy for misinformation on vaccines?
European Commission and World Health Organization urge motion towards anti-vaccination campaigns.
Diseases that had been once removed are again.

Preventable ailments which includes measles are spreading, specially in Europe and North America.

The World Health Organization (WHO) and the European Commission joined forces to tackle the difficulty at the first worldwide vaccination summit.

WHO estimates nearly 20 million toddlers have been no longer immunised ultimate year.

Although lots of them live in developing international locations with poor get admission to to vaccines, scientists are involved that anti-vaccination campaigners in the advanced world are spreading incorrect information on social media.

So what’s the therapy for their scepticism?

Presenter: Hashem Ahelbarra


Ali Khan – dean of the University of Nebraska College of Public Health and a former senior administrator at the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Heidi Larson – director of the Vaccine Confidence Project and a professor on the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine

Derek Gatherer – virologist and lecturer at Lancaster University

Source: Al Jazeera News

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